About us

Informations about our company and our philosophy


Institute of Strategic Entrepreneurs of Nigeria is registered in line with the company and Allied matter Act 1990. Accredited by Federal Ministry of Education, ministry of justice and registered by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a professional body saddled with the responsibilities of organizing trainings, seminars, induction of members, workshop, conference and disseminating the secrets of modern entrepreneurial activities in Nigeria. Today, the institutes have adopted a modern technique in Human Capital Development, skills development programs through partnership with some professional within and outside the country depending on the areas of interest.


Enhancing Entrepreneurial Development and job creation for self-reliance and economic empowerment.


Building capacity for modern strategic entrepreneurs through training, workshop, seminar conference within and outside Nigeria.

INSTITUTE OF STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURS OF NIGERIA is a professional body specialized in trainings and capacity building with special emphasis on Human capacity Development and Economic Empowerment. We are a team of resourceful, passionate and dynamic professionals with a vision of equipping people with the skills they require to direct their energy for self-reliance and leadership roles. This, we believe would be a major catalyst towards translating communities in Nigeria and indeed the African continent for world leadership role.
Our team of highly experienced Entrepreneurs with proven record of success and Professional consultants who have worked in partnership with clients both in the public and Private sectors, providing them with development initiatives at educating and channeling the bountiful energies of youths and women into productive and profitable ventures.
Institute of Strategic Entrepreneurs of Nigeria are ever ready to ensure effective performance and result oriented Entrepreneurship Practice for the trainees, the Institute goes extra miles in building capacity that sustains the system over time. Entrepreneurship Development is a matter of serious concern hence it is the lasting solution that will salvage the economic pillars of nation and the hub that roles the progressive development of nation’s economy. Due to the emergence of technology, jobs become obsolete and employment opportunities remains scarce, the only surviving adventure for livelihood is Entrepreneurship hence it is a product of ingenuity and Human Capital Development.
Today, countries like China, India, United States of America, Russia etc. are in the lead of global market as a result of acceptability of a realistic idea of Human Capital Development/Entrepreneurial Development.