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Institute of Strategic Entrepreneurs of Nigeria has provided a unique platform for the persons who are willing and ready to fulfill a professional Entrepreneurial Dreams and develop independent thinking Cap to achieve life goals .It is an avenue to build and expand the Innovative capacity of the youths nurture and provide a positive direction to realistic ideas and incubate them to have commercial values enough to create jobs opportunity and become real Entrepreneurs in the society.

The Institute has design a well tailored curriculum with globally accredited standard to meet the taste of time and drive innovative instinct, commercialize new ideas,  take advantage of business opportunities, innovative projects using innovation to solve a local social-Economic challenges and make if marketable.


This program is championed by professionals with the most modern marketable Entrepreneurial applications to build the young minds with the conviction of creating new opportunities for themselves and become job providers, economic boosters and self reliant youths in the field of their choice.

PPGD-E program is dedicated to serve and boost the professional desire of the working class, underemployed, unemployed and those  who seek to improve their inflow of income. This plan is hope to sustain the economic development of a Nation.


The primary objective of this program is to inspire and educate the trainees to develop confidence, leadership skills, critical thinking skills to succeed in establishing successful Business adventure and become a Strategic Entrepreneur.

Boost the profile and position of the students for competitive advantages over others in the same environment.

This program develops the analytical ability and Strategic competencies necessary to become Entrepreneur or already part of a growing business through design thinking.

Identifying Entrepreneurial opportunities, creating a Business plan, securing financial backing and coordinating business growth in the society.

Develop Innovative and high-potential commercialized opportunities.

Become job creators to reduce the height of unemployment, poverty deduction and other societal challenges that is capable of crumbling social-economic impact of a Nation.